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A New State of Reliability & Trust

Initially when searching the internet for health information, I used to ask the question of “How can I find reliable sources of information that I trust?” Now I am continually redefining my concept of reliable, because it does not truly exist in the concrete sense I had previously thought.  The ability to judge whether information is truly reliable depends entirely on your perspective of what reliable truly means.  It also leads me to a deeper question – what is my role as
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As a physician & healer, this concept continually comes to light for me in my practice. The idea of complete self-responsibility is elusive to most of us as it is not something we are taught to embrace, rather it has negative connotations and some form of punishment associated with it. What does self-responsibility mean? Does it mean taking good care of yourself? To many it means looking after one’s own best interests – in regards to health, it’s usually eating
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Empowering You to Experience Well-being, Vitality, and Good Health

I receive many questions about nutrition and health, as many doctors do.  So many people are searching for ways to live healthier lives.  There is a mass consciousness movement towards living life in harmony with our bodies.  But which formula do you pick? Which diet or lifestyle regime does one follow? And even more importantly, who do you trust? Your chiropractor, your herbalist, your doctor, or your friend who experienced the same illness you did?   With the massive amount
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