Empowering You to Experience Well-being, Vitality, and Good Health

I receive many questions about nutrition and health, as many doctors do.  So many people are searching for ways to live healthier lives.  There is a mass consciousness movement towards living life in harmony with our bodies.  But which formula do you pick? Which diet or lifestyle regime does one follow? And even more importantly, who do you trust? Your chiropractor, your herbalist, your doctor, or your friend who experienced the same illness you did?   With the massive amount of information available to us via the internet, how do we sort through what is fact and what is fiction?  Which method do we follow that tells us whether this is in alignment with the grander state of the universe – Naturopathic medicine, allopathic medicine, ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, energy medicine, or integrative medicine? Do we follow them all or pick a few that suit us? And how do we know which ones will help us?

Each practitioner of the different medical arenas would tell you a different answer supporting their paradigm of health and disease.  A western doctor would tell you to look at evidence-based medicine – follow what has been proven.  An ayurvedic practitioner may speak about balancing the three main doshas in our bodies.  An integrative or naturopathic practitioner may suggest dietary changes for optimizing health.  A traditional Chinese doctor may discuss health and illness in terms of chi and the points on the body that correspond with energy lines.

Do we trust the ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine paradigms that are thousands of years old? Do we focus on what’s been proven by modern medicine, which has dramatically improved our quality of life? Do we go back to using food as medicine?  Can all of these medical models exist and function for people? If we know and understand our true nature as human beings, I believe it can.

This blog is not a prescription for a specific diet or therapy.  The information in this blog is not a cure-all for disease.  My goal in writing is to empower You, the reader, to make your own choices and follow the most elegant path to health, vitality, and well-being that you possibly can in this lifetime.

None of the information that discuss is new.  I have not come up with any of this on my own – rather is it a summary and a recounting of universal principles expressed by countless others in many different forms.  One of my deepest passions is finding oneness in all things; in weaving an archetype of health that explains disease and healing from a holistic perspective which empowers the individual brings me great fulfillment.  In this wonderful era where mass consciousness is awakening to something new and beautiful, I invite you to entertain a simple paradigm that will shift You into the power seat of your health and your life.