How Our Practice is Different

Our practice is a “micropractice.”

A micropractice is a very unique, small medical practice model.  It is usually a solo doctor or small group of clinicians (1-3) who keep a minimal-to-no staff in order to spend more time caring for patients. Office systems are typically streamlined to keep overhead low, which means that the clinician can have fewer patients that he or she is looking after. At Dr Karen MD & Associates, we choose to look after a small number of patients, so we can give people the care and attention they deserve.

Our practice is an “Ideal Medical Clinic” too.

An ideal medical clinic refers to a clinic developed with people’s input; it means that the doctor listened to what patients wanted and incorporated into his or her medical practice – and this clinic is a great example!

Our practice offers a unique, holistic approach to healthcare.

We realize that CHOICE is empowering.  People are asking for more than just sick care.  Health and wellness is more than the absence of illness.  Our goal is to help people meet their health goals in a holistic way.