Your-Kare™ Program

Why would I want to join the Your-Kare™ Program?
  • Freedom & Flexibility – You won’t always need an appointment to have a discussion with me. For support and education about medical issues you can chat with me through the patient portal, or directly by phone, text, email, or by video. If I need to examine you or see you in person, then you will need to come in for an office visit and co-pays and/or deductibles apply.
  • Convenience – Need your medications renewed, but don’t have time to make an appointment? We can have virtual educational & support sessions to discuss your existing medication prescriptions. Without the program, you need an office visit (and pay a copay) to renew your medications, obtain referrals, or paperwork or letters.
  • Access to my personal line of coaching services:
    • Your-Kare™ Wellness Evaluation
    • Your-Kare™ Wellness Map
    • Your-Kare™ Weight Management Education
    • Your-Kare™ Nutrition Education for Sustained Health
    • Your-Kare™ Focused Meditation for Stress Reduction & Goal Setting
  • Group educational sessions and/or webinars based on health and wellness topics of YOUR choice (YOU get to decide WHAT you want me to talk about and whether you want online information or an in-person group class)
Who does the Your-Kare™ Program work best for?

If you have:

  • A desire to have completely relaxed and unhurried visits with me
  • A desire for peace of mind knowing you have options in communicating with me
  • A desire to change your eating, sleeping, and stress-management habits
  • A busy schedule and cannot easily go to or wait for appointments
  • A chronic disease that requires you to see a doctor every 3-6 months
  • Multiple medications for multiple health conditions
  • Multiple medical conditions requiring coordination with multiple other health providers

then the Your-Kare ™ option is a GREAT fit for you!

How much is the Your-Kare™ Program?
  • Adults over 26
    • “Founding Members Pricing”: $97/month ($1,164/year). Or $997/year if pay annually.
  • Adults ages 18-26
    • “Founding Members Pricing”: $25/month ($300/year)
  • Each child under 18
    • “Founding Members Pricing”: $15/month ($180/year)
  • Family Maximum: $175/month ($2,100/year) [members of same household]

That’s less than most cell phone or cable bills per month.  In my humble opinion, your health is worth FAR more than that cable package!

Why the monthly fee?

The wellness and personalized services I offer are not covered by typical insurance plans. When I was asking people what THEY wanted from their doctor, all of these services came up. I figured out a way to offer all the services people wanted that are not covered by their insurance. People are asking for it and I am delivering!

Can the Your-Kare™ Program help save me money? Come on – get real Dr. Karen!

Ever heard of the old axiom “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? By having an open, relaxed relationship with me, you will be able to stay on top of your health before problems start to arise. While insurance plans tend to only reimburse for specific treatments based on medical necessity, with the membership model, If you do have a health issue come up, we can address health issues early on so that problems don’t linger and become more costly down the road, both to you and your pocketbook.

Besides, I don’t believe in unnecessary spending. Smaller practices giving more personalized care are having an impact on health. Check this out – studies show (MDVIP and Qliance) this direct model of care reduces the need for unnecessary medications, more expensive testing and unnecessary referrals to specialists. It is more likely to prevent unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Will I still benefit from the Your-Kare™ Program even if I don’t expect to need frequent medical attention?

Short answer – Yes!

Long answer – I am incorporating prevention-oriented, lifestyle-based therapies into the membership practice because they are desperately needed in today’s healthcare system! I am consistently developing my skills as a holistic practitioner. As I learn more, I will be incorporating even more modalities into the membership practice. We all know that being healthy and feeling well isn’t about the absence of disease; health is so much more. Many of the services I offer are designed to help you maintain optimum health.

Is there a limit to how many patients can join your practice?

Yes, I will close my practice at around only 500 patients, so that I can continue to provide high-quality care for my existing patients and still keep my overhead costs low (as compared to at least 2500 patients in a typical practice).

Do I have to join the Your-Kare™ Program to see Dr Karen?

No! It would be an honor and a privilege to be your family doctor regardless of whether you choose the optional program. I designed options for people to choose the services they wanted to receive. I believe in empowering people to optimize health & wellness. I would love to see you no matter what.

Do I still need to have health insurance?

Yes, you do. It is very important to maintain insurance to cover expensive, unusual and unpredictable events (such as surgery, emergency care, or hospitalization) – not for everyday preventive primary care. Because I can provide you with personalized and relationship-based primary care, your plan utilization can often be reduced.

What if I want to leave the Your-Kare™ Program?

You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time as long as you give me 30 days notice. We will refund memberships paid for the full year at a prorated rate, excluding the initial 90 day enrollment period.

Will my private insurance reimburse my fees? Is it tax deductible?

Please consult your insurance representative, along with your tax or financial advisors or human resources representative, at your place of employment to secure competent advice on those issues.

I’m in! How do I join the Your-Kare™ Program?

I can’t wait to meet you! You can

  • Join now or
  • Contact me to answer any questions you might have, or
  • Book a free Optimal Health Discovery Session which will give you the opportunity review your health & wellness goals, leave with a Wellness Action Plan, and decide if the Your-Kare Program is the right fit for you.